for any information regarding the NIOS system, please refer to its website:

for information regarding list of institutions offering various kinds of services to children in bangalore, please refer website:

kindly excuse my inability to reply your mails individually. sorry.

god bless all.


i have retired from active counselling of children related issues. am only taking up adolescent and adult issues.

i am sorry if i have caused disappointment to the parents of young children. i am unable to commit my time to child counselling. that requires lot of networking with multi-disciplinary team that i am unable to do now due to other concerns. please excuse.

dear all,

i request all child-right activists to kindly go through the following letter of mine and render your comments, valuable suggestions to take this crusade forward.

thanks and regards,

latha vidyaranya

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: latha vidyaranya
Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 1:36 AM
Subject: ashley tellis’s article in NIE
To: ravijoshi@expressbuzz.com


latha vidyaranya
counsellor & special educator


sri ravi joshi
new indian express
bangalore edition

respected sri ravi joshi,

sub: an article that has appeared in zeitgeist section of NIE

i am latha vidyaranya from bangalore, an avid reader of your esteemed daily since 40 years.
i am a psychological counsellor providing counselling services to people of all age groups. more so to children with emotional and behavioural problems.

i happened to read the New Indian Express, 28th november 2009, zeitgeist section, 2 days ago (i sometimes do not find time to read the day’s paper. such papers i keep aside for reading at a later day, more leisurely). the article that caught my attention was by ashley tellis with the title”man-boy love could be a beautiful thing”. i was terrified by the title and went through the article fully that made me even more horrified!

sir, have you read that article? if not, please sit down and go thro it and see if you can agree with what the author says.
in my opinion, it is total blasphemy! you as a responsible editor of the bangalore edition, can not pass the buck to chennai NIE staff saying that the zeitgeist section is printed in chennai and hence you bangalore staff have nothing to do with it. this kind of explanation is just not palatable to us readers who look upon the paper as one that reflects the new india’s ethos.

the author has the audacity to say that the sexual relationship between a man and a boy is no big deal if it happens by mutual consent! is the author in his senses when he writes like this in an article that is read by thousands of people all over india? and the online edition all over the world? does ashley tellis understand that children have such impressionable minds and are vulnerable to accepting ugly suggestions masked as beautiful?? can a boy or girl (aged 10, he says!) understand the true implications of what sexual relations are all about?? can such young children understand the repercussions and serious consequences, both physical and psychological, of a sexual act that they can give informed consent to such an act with a sick minded adult??? he says that a group in netherlands is fighting for paedophile rights and he calls netherlands a sexually progressive country!! is giving consent to paedophilia progressive??? he mentions that a boy of age 10 can be complicit and a willing subject of a sexual act with a man! and homosexuals or others do not have a copy right on desiring children!! in the end he says what a man does with a boy or a woman with a girl can be a beautiful thing!!!

oh, it is just sickening to read that article! worse, i don’t feel like touching your newspaper again. i am a psychological counsellor who deals with the psychological trauma that children and adult alike go through everyday of their life when they have been subjected to this kind of an abuse by men / women not in their right senses. they carry this emotional scar all thro their lives, many times not knowing where to go, with whom to confide, where to seek solace from such nightmares that haunt them all 24 hours of the day. and here is this great man, a self-proclaimed, out-of-the-closet gay leader who openly endorses sex with children saying that kids know what they want and have a right to enjoy what they are into!!! sic and you ‘responsible’ people publish such an article without first scrutinizing what that irresponsible fellow writes! i am making great effort to restrain myself from using unparliamentary words here!

i want nothing short of a public apology on the front page of new indian express in order that it revives the readers’ trust in the daily. you just can not brush this under the carpet. we counsellors are not going to sit mum allowing madness to be termed sane and beautiful! i am not a homophobic person. i am an empathetic counsellor who tries her best to understand the dynamics of a homosexual relationship. BUT THIS MAN-BOY LOVE DESCRIBED AS BEAUTIFUL is something that no psychologist / psychiatrist in his/her senses would ever agree or endorse! i am copying this letter of mine to eminent psychologists and psychiatrists of bangalore city so that they may correct me if i am wrong and if ashley tellis is right.

you may please check the following link to read the article online:



mr editor sir, here is a sample of what your man ashley tellis writes in reply to some of the protesting comments that have appeared in your online edition of the same article. i have copy-pasted some of the rejoinders that that sick man has written in reply to many readers’ outbursts:

“wait a minute, maybe you are a gay man yourself since you know so much about gay men’s arses and shitting. Or maybe you came out a gay arse and that is why you are a true freak of nature. Now go crawl under that pile of shit you came from and leave the world alone.
By Ashley Tellis
12/1/2009 8:49:00 PM

you need help even bigger time. You need to start a nuthouse yourself and run it with your friends here. Insanity clearly runs in your family. Many women end up with the arse-as-face syndrome. Your arse is clearly your face. Go get it washed. Your top end is an arsehole so it stinks like the rest of you. I’m not complaining. If you can’t stand the heat, burn yourself to death in the kitchen, you sad sorry apology for a human being.
By Ashley Tellis
12/1/2009 8:31:00 PM

………. Taking this hypothetical situation as real, I’d be delighted if my ten yer old was having consensual sex with my best friend. ………………….”
By Ashley Tellis
11/29/2009 12:14:00 AM


sir, now do you understand what a poisonous and sick person you have to contribute articles to your “esteemed daily”?

sir, i would like you to first of all acknowledge the receipt of this email from me. then within a weeks time i expect a public apology from your newspaper to all its readers. if this is not forthcoming, i shall be compelled to construe that your news paper is an accomplice to the criminal minded sick persons like ashley tellis. further,we child-right activists will go to any extent to claim unlimited damages from your daily, through a public interest litigation, for causing inexplicable agony to the whole mental health fraternity.

Yours truly,

Latha vidyaranya

special educator & psychological counsellor

Enquiries about LD

dear readers, hereafter kindly place your enquiries regarding any aspect of Learning Disability or the concerning syllabus with the following organizations / individuals. they will be able to help you with information and guidance. currently i have taken a break from the field.

no. 894, 5th main, ayyappa nagar
jalahalli west
bangalore 560 015

tel: 2839 6444, 98802 02345

Dr Aruna Shankara narayan
# 26, Palace Road, near Mt Carmel College, Bangalore
Tel: 2228 0831

Mrs Mangala Kanabargi
# 18, ground floor, 1sr cross, shakthi ganapathi nagar, basaweshwar nagar, bangalore.
tel: 2323 1163

KHB Colony, Basweshwar nagar 2nd stage, Bangalore
Tel: 2320 4875,  2311 3419

Mrs Leela Reddy
Rajaji Nagar 4th Block, Bangalore
Tel: 2312 7745

Dr Aruna Shankara narayan
# 26, Palace Road, near Mt Carmel College, Bangalore
Tel: 2228 0831

Mrs Aparna Kalyanpur
Sharnag Apartments, 18th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Tel: 2334 5731,  98451 98256

mrs malini sridhar
# 3310, 8th cross, 13th main, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar, tel: 2529 8686, 2527 3462

Spastic Society
Diagnostic & Research Centre
Mrs Vijaya prema
# 31, 5th cross, off 5th main, 1st stage Indiranagar
tel: 4074 5900, 2528 0935

Brindavan Education Centre
2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore
tel: 2656 7311, 98868 21812

Mrs Akhila Sadashivan
Banagiri Nagar (near BSK 2nd stage)
tel: 2657 4077, 98867 01959

There are many resource centres in Bangalore that offer coaching to students who take up the syllabus of National Institute of Open Schooling. The list can be had through the Resource Directory published by Banjara Academy, Bangalore. Tel: 2353 5787, 2353 5766.

(the list above is only indicative. not comprehensive)

Hello sanskrit lovers of Bengalooru,

here is a great opportunity to all of you to learn conversing in sanskrit language, just in two days!

here is a detailed info (i have cut n pasted the info from a mail that i have received)


Hi and Namaste,

Here is an excellent opportunity to learn Samskrit (spoken) in just two days.  Block your calendar for these days (Nov 22-23).  Please pass this information to your friends/relatives in Bangalore.

Who is conducting?

Samskrita Bharati is conducting two days workshop (known as Samskrit Sambhashan Shibir) on spoken Samskrit at various locations (near your home) in Bangalore on Nov 22-23, 2008. (Time: 9am – 6pm)

More about the organization: http://www.samskritabharati.org/sb/

Here is simple sentence in Samskrit:



  • Registration fee per person, for adults – Rs.200/- and children (6 to 12 years) – Rs.100/-
  • Family participation is encouraged.
  • Children are allowed only when parent participates.
  • Restrict to 25 only.
  • First come, first serve basis.

Note: Registration includes lunch and tea/coffee.

The living Language:

  • Several concepts which are fundamental to today’s theoretical computer science have their origin in the works of PANINI (520-460 BCE)
  • Indian Defence Ministry is developing secret codes using Samskrit and applying “The Panini Methodology”.
  • The roots of many languages of the world are found in samskrit.
  • Dr.Rick Briggs, NASA, says in an issue of  “artificial Intelligence” that “samskirt grammarians had already found a way of solving what is perhaps the most important problem in computer science –”natural language understanding and machine translation”


Blog is available to provide more information on various topics related to Samskrit (including this workshop).

Blog: http://speaksamskrit.blogspot.com/

Whom to contact:

Check this link on the contact information at various locations (near your home) in bangalore:

http://speaksamskrit.blogspot.com/2008/10/contact.html Or me (9986362187).

For more information you can send e-mail to: samskrit4u@gmail.com


Thanks & regards,




let us all join and take pride in samskrita language which is the “mother-of -all-languages”.

Those who are interested to know more about the National Institute of Open Schooling may please visit its website at http://www.nos.org/

All details can be had from its pospectus online.

There are many resource centres in Bangalore that offer coaching to students who take up the syllabus of National Institute of Open Schooling. The list can be had through the Resource Directory published by Banjara Academy, Bangalore. Tel: 2353 5787, 2353 5766.

There are also some schools who teach NIOS syllabus in regular classes from 8th Standard onwards. Here is the list:

Asha Kiran Special Need School (Integrated School), # 15, 7th Main, Indira Nagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560038. Tel: 25258159.

Deepika School (Integrated School), 28th Main, 35th Cross, Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore 560011 Principal: Smt Seetha krishnamurthy, Tel: 26645767

Deepika School (Branch), #2805, 14th B Main, 8-E Cross, Attiguppe, Vijayanagar, Bangalore. Smt. Hema Nataraj Tel: 2339 3222

Poorna School, Opposite DPS Bangalore North, Sathnur Village, Bagalur Post, Jalla Hobli, Bangalore 49. Smt Indira Vijayasimha, Tel: 2279 2042

Parijma Learning Centre, BTS Depot Road, Wilson Garden, Bangalore 27. Ms Archana, Tel: 2223 8534, 2224 3634

Kensri School, Mariya Street, Mariyanna Palya, Bangalore 24, Tel: 2353 3528, 2353 7665

Larkspur House of Learning, # 3/4, Berlie Street Cross, Langford Town, Bangalore. Tel: 2272 7183, 98807 11736

Iyer High School, HMT Main Road, Mathikere, Bangalore 54. Tel; 23372714

Nehru Open School, St John’s Chrch Road, Bangalore 05. Tel: 2546 0531

Spastic Society of karnataka, # 31, 5th Cross, Off 5th Main, Indiranagar 1st Stage, Bangalore 38. Tel: 2528 1831, 2527 4633

Cluny Convent High School, 11th Main, 14th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore 03.

Baldwins Girls High School, Richmond Circle, Bangalore

 There may be many other Institutions in Bangalore that are offering NIOS syllabus. Readers may kindly add to the list.

Many parents have been searching for information on centres that may help children with LD.

Banjara Academy, a counselling centre for emotional issues, chaired by Dr. Ali Khwaja, situated in RT Nagar, Bangalore, has publised a Resource Directory listing out various institutions and individuals in Bangalore who are helping children with Learning Disability. The Directory is available at their office for sale. You may please contact them on phones : 2353 5787 and 2353 5766

Best wishes to all.

Time eats up the world!

How true the Upanishadic statement is! Well, I do not have to certify it as the Truth. I am only happy that the Truth of the statement has dawned upon me! I am humbled by the statement. We all have to live this day as if Tomorrow does not exist for us. And if Today were the last day of my life, what do I need to do? ………………………. for the realisation of the Ultimate Truth! ………… well, I do not do anything, I do not seek anything, I just dis-cover by shedding all false identities 🙂

Then why am I wasting my time here blogging??? What am I gaining out of this activity?? – other than the fact that it is nurturing my Ego day by day as I see an increase in the number of hits that my Blog receives…………………. and inflating my Ego by basking in all the appreciation that I receive for the posts that I write!……………. it is all ‘me’ and ‘mine’ that increases the restlessness of mind……………… what post to write next? what reply to give to comments? what rejoinders to write?…………………. all reinforcing the “I”………………

No, this is not what I want. There are more important things to realise having born as a human being. More interesting Knowledge to achieve, realise from within, for which I need to devote my Time. I can not while away my time in the illusion that I am the saviour of everybody by providing information about Psychology and Philosophy ……………….. that is my foolishness, my ajnaana……………………..

Dears, I love you all. But I can not get entrapped in this attachment. I need to wriggle out of this. I shall keep in touch with you all whenever I have something interesting to share……………………. but I need to go now, go deep down into myself, clear all garbage, drop all identities, find HIM, find my true self, realise that state of ‘Egolessness’ and get established there…………………….

With lots and lots of LOVE to ALL of YOU !

my brother unwell

you must all be wondering why there are no new posts in my blog for over 10 days now. well, my brother who had come down from australia for a vacation fell sick all of a sudden with a mild stroke and was hospitalized. am busy with that. i am sure by god’s grace he will soon recover and i would be back blogging.

love to all of you till then.