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i was reading some blog post on ‘suicide’ and why ppl do it. and the blogger was saying that if only the person had thot about his/her loved ones s/he would not have done it. but we need to understand that the person is pushed to this extreme step when s/he thinks that nobody in this world loves him/her and that s/he is not needed by anybody.

it is here that we need to step in and slowly help them see a bigger picture, beyond friends and family and relatives. no one loves u, is it? does not matter. why dont u think of those millions of ppl from underprivileged section of the society who would gladly receive ur love??????? why shud u always think of only receiving it? for a change, why not think of giving love????? there would be so many takers, like orphan children in an orphanage who would feel so happy if you could go there and hug them? why not visit an old age home and spend some time there talking to a grandfather or grandmother?? why dont u visit an animal shelter and pet a puppy??? u will then realize how worthy is your life! how many ppl need u! and how can u end such a worthwhile life? no; not when u can bring a smile on those crying faces. u would realise its worth only when you think of all those people who relish your company. forget family and friends. stretch ur boundary a little and u would love to live and be grateful to whoever created you!

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saw the Tamil movie “Navarasa” – learnt about the ritual of marriage of transgenders in south india. was particularly interested to know more about the lifestyle of eunuchs of south india. found the movie interesting and something new to become aware of. movie has the ability to sensitize people to new issues. well made movie.

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