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you must all be wondering why there are no new posts in my blog for over 10 days now. well, my brother who had come down from australia for a vacation fell sick all of a sudden with a mild stroke and was hospitalized. am busy with that. i am sure by god’s grace he will soon recover and i would be back blogging.

love to all of you till then. 

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Hi, going out of station – to Sringeri, to have Sri Sharadamba and Sri Gurugalu’s darshan. Will pray for all of you!

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Hello all,

this is the information that I received from Vandana through email. I am sure it will come of use to any of us or our kith and kin. Thank you, vandana.

This is very imprortant information about a web site called as www.saferindia.com     .

        This is a site of an NGO started by Ms Kiran Bedi   you can go to this site an log your complaint regarding any crime if the police at your place is not accepting your complaint. Then this NGO will mail your complaint to the DGP of your area. You can also use this mail as the legal document  in case of filing a case in the court of judgment.
        This is to be noted that this site is directly administered by Ms Kiran Bedi  so all your mails directly goes to her .
          Friends Plz spread this information in your network so that any one in such need can go to this site and launch his/her  complaint .

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I keep receiving very good pictures to my email from friends and i also come across very good pics that come along with thought provoking words. I decided to open a new page “View and Review” to post them so that you can view them and send your reviews through the comment box. Since we are not allowed to make new posts in other pages, i have decided to give them numbers like 1,2,3 etc with a title for each one so that you can quote the number and the title  and place the review in the comment box.

Many times it will be difficult to find out the source of these pics as the sender to my email may not know it. Hence I request all of you viewers to send me a link in case it is possible for you to know the source. I will be too glad to mention the link and give them due credit. If the source is not known to me and if I publish those pics in my blog, would it amount to plagiarism? Readers, please enlighten me so that I will not do so. Thanks.

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Hi, i will be away for 3 days. going out of town.
keep your comments and feedback coming.

i request all readers / commentors not to get offended by any post/comment here. it is all written with good intentions and not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

i welcome you all to take part in healthy discussions / debates and sometimes, agree to disagree :))

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