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this was my comment on an article in voices of youth page. i give a link here:
http://www.unicef.org/voy/discussions/showthread.php?p=49839#post49839lets ask why marital rape first of all occurs in india? in india, except for the few urban couple, marriage takes place betwen two individuals who have hardly met. elders would have arranged it keeping in mind, not the two individuals, but the two families. so compatibility between the social and economic aspects of the two families are looked into but the compatibility of the personality factors of the two individuals is totally ignored. added to this is the taboo placed on the topic of sex and hence many young people know nothing about the sensibilities of sex. men would be waiting for marriage, not for the life partner that they are going to get, but for the sex object that they would be gifted with, with whom they can play as they wish and can dominate over, as their own elderly men folk have done since times immemorial. he least acknowledges her as an individual with her own rights. and the girl is advised by the elders to cooperate and adjust and not to raise any objections, whatsoever, about the husband or his family. she is even sent to her marital home with the threat that she would not be welcome back home under any circumstances and she has now become the ‘property’ of the husband’s family!

under the above circumstances, what better condition can prevail except marital rape day in and day out?! the need of the hour is education – educating the couple to be married about their conjugal rights and responsibilities. and education of the girl child. but this kind of pre-marital counselling is a distant dream in india with a population of over a billion, most of them from rural background.but the first step is always the crucial one and it has to be taken now. our judicial system needs to be overhauled. who will bell the cat? ofcourse, there are many women’s organizations that are voicing their opinions and i am sure the voices will soon be heard and measures taken.


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