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I read an interesting (read nonsensical) piece of Research result, in New Indian express, bangalore Edition, dated 7th Feb 08,  found out by the Italian scientists. I call it ‘junk research’ as the results of such researches do more harm than good to woman-kind!

They have found out that wearing high heeled shoes can boost a woman’s sexual desire, as walking with high heeled shoes improves the strength of pelvic floor muscles thus upping her sex life!!!

Can anything be more stupid than advising wearing high heel shoes to improve strength of pelvic muscles? Are there no better exercises to improve ones muscles than to resort to heeled shoes?? Have we all not heard of people breaking their back bones by falling down, unable to balance themselves with a pair of high heels? How many ladies suffer twists in ankle bones, tear in the ligaments, postural faults, all because they could not manage their steps while climbing stairs or by walking on uneven surfaces with these shoes on?

Podiatrists (foot specialists) say that the anatomical position of a heeled shoe wearer is abnormal. This causes lot of stress to the feet as well as to the back bone. This leads to many stress fractures to the foot bones. This also leads to foot ailments, swelling of toes, shooting pain caused by injuries to foot nerves, swelling of the balls of feet etc.

When such is the long list of ‘rewards’ for the high heeled shoe wearer, was there any need to pump in funds to this kind of research to declare another ‘attractive’  result of increased libido for the wearer?! I wonder which woman would want to break her bones, have plastered limbs, be bed-ridden with a ‘high- libido’ !

Any takers???

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I read an interesting news item this morning in TOI – about the discovery of a gene in humans that is responsible for generosity! All these days psychologists thought that miserliness or generosity was a learnt behaviour. But that it has biological base is surprising! Researchers are saying that a particular gene is responsible for the production of harmone ‘argenine vasopressin’ which acts on brain cells and makes a person altruistic and generous. a particular region of a gene (the genotype), if it is longer,  then the gene expresses itself or we can see its manifestation in that person (phenotype)

I am sure many ladies would whole heartedly welcome this news. do you know why? well, i have a vision of availability of vasopressin injections in the market very soon that can be administered to miserly hubbys or their ‘miser gene’ gets some work done, so that they turn generous overnight and start showering their wives with money to be spent on their shopping sprees!!! :))

now, isn’t this music to our ears?! :))))))

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