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hi dears,

since i am a member of VOY  forum РVoices of Youth of UNICEF, i keep coming across interesting news items there calling people of the world to take action. i would like to provide information here on such topics that may interest my readers too so that they too can participate. by doing so you will be doing your bit to improve the quality of life of children and youth all over the world.

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3rd December is celebrated as World Disability Day all over the world to spread awareness about disabilities to people and sensitize them about various issues of disabled persons.

It is very essential for us to understand that there is ABILITY in disABILITY. We need to recognize those abilities in a disabled person and help him/her to maximize those abilities and help them to overcome the disability. All that is required from us is to shift our focus from their disability to their abilities. We are all very well aware that each one of us has certain handicaps. But with various strategies we overcome them and lead a productive life. For example, many of us have vision problem. But we do not allow that to hamper our daily activities. We use spectacles and go about with our work. But if we forget to carry our spectacles with us, we realize what a handicap it becomes to read or write. Many of us are handicapped by our inability to effectively communicate with others or by our inability to remember important things. But we somehow manage to overcome them and still get on with life.

But there are more severe handicaps like blindness, deaf and muteness, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism etc that pose a real challenge to people afflicted with these conditions. They require more serious interventions and training to cope up with the handicaps and overcome them. They do not need our sympathies, but EMPATHY! Empathy is the ability to transport ourselves into their minds and understand their feelings and pain and offer encouragement and support to overcome the difficulties.

Friends, I request all of you to cultivate that sensitivity to understand their position, look for the hidden abilities in them and encourage them to bring out their potentials and provide opportunities to lead a productive and meaningful life. They are not disabled, but are DIFFERENTLY-ABLED. Each one of us has a social obligation to lend a hand to improve their quality of life. I hope you are all with me in this cause.

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