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Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple

The above are the photographs of backwaters of cauvery and sri venugopalaswamy temple at Hosa kannambaadi village, near KRS, Mysore. do you know the temple’s speciality? it is a transplanted temple! let me explain.

the temple was built in 12th century AD. when the KRS dam was built, it got submerged in the backwaters of cauvery. but whenever the water level came down in the dam, the temple used to become visible. people decided to save the temple from eroding due to water currents and hence thought of relocating elsewhere. it seems, Khodays Foundation took up this project of relocating the temple. each stone was numbered carefully, the whole temple was photographed for the intricate designs on those stones, stored in computer so that when it got transplanted, it would not lose its originality. number of architects and sculptors have done a beautiful job of reconstructing the temple. people say it may take two more years for its completion. then they would perhaps do the ‘punar pratishtaana’ of sri venugopalaswamy and then the temple would become functional.

we recently made a trip to srirangapattana and there we came to know about this amazing temple through a friend and made a visit. the backwaters of cauvery and the temple are awe inspiring. i recommend to all of you to make a visit to this place next time when you visit mysore.

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