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We are reading yet another suicide bombing that killed the democratic political leader Ms Benazir Bhutto and hundreds of other innocents in Pakistan yesterday. The news item catches world attention and world leaders make an uproar when a world famous, charismatic leader is killed in such an attack. otherwise, hundreds of such news items that appear in news papers everyday very soon become “yesterday’s news” and sadly and conveniently forgotten!

Why do people get ready to kill hundreds of innocent people in such suicidal attacks? How are they trained to psychologically prepare for such blood-sheds? What kind of personality traits do these attackers have? Let us try to analyse.

There have been many psychological studies done on such attackers, who due to some reason, have failed in their missions and are cooling their heels in prisons world over. The studies reveal that these people would join such Terrorist Training Camps at a very young age of 10 to 12 years. The candidates are generally identified by the trainers by their lack of self esteem and self worth due to various traumas undergone in their childhood. Most of them have a dependent personality wherein they lack independent thinking and are very suggestible to any outside influence. Psychologists have also found in them a lag in their emotional and moral development that makes it difficult for these children to discriminate right from the wrong. They are generally insensitive to others emotions. These children find it difficult to develop a solid identity of their own and hence many gaps or cracks are present in their individual identities. The trainers find it easy to fill these gaps with their own pre-meditated extreme ideologies so that the individuals who join these groups find solace in acquiring a group identity and swear by it. As the training proceeds in the form of educating them with new ideologies and ideals, the group members are totally cut off from communicating with the outside world through any kind of medium, so that they start believing in what is being taught without as much questioning the authority. (as you all realize, our thinking expands and many changes occur in our attitudes and outlook to life as we grow getting exposed to the outside world through media)

Since they were opressed socially or economically or educationally or by the dysfunctional families earlier, they would have undergone massive damages to their self worth. The training teaches them that the highest objective of life, “martyrdom” can be achieved by destroying the evil in the world in the name of god and to such people god promises all respect and all kinds of happiness in heaven after this life. This boosts their low self-esteem to a new high! They are even lured by the promise of god that a number of virgins will be at their service when they go to heaven. At the time of recruitment into these camps, they are promised a huge amount of money to their families as a reward for the sacrifice that they are making in the name of religion. Since many are from economically weaker sections, this reward of money to their poor families also motivate them to join the training camps.

The trainees usually keep this information a secret from their families. This secrecy accords them a new ‘power’ over others who had earlier subjugated them in so many ways. Their isolation from the outside world and the strict imposition of extreme ideals make them rigid in their outlook of life and they stubbornly believe that what they are taught to do is the absolute truth! And very soon they get ready to perform what they have been trained to do with a smile on their lips and hope in their hearts that God would truly bless them for their deed! No guilt or no remorse……………………..

Isn’t the psychology behind suicidal attacks terrorisingly fascinating?!

Do we now realize the importance of nurturing a child’s mind with love and security and self-respect so that the child can grow into a responsible adult who can spread the same love and joy to the whole world and vow to eradicate terrorism from the face of the earth?

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